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Estero AC Repair services the entire Lee County, FL area providing air conditioning repairs and installations of residential and commercial, air conditioners, and heat pumps. Our philosophy is simple: always treat the customer with respect and provide quality workmanship. We are a locally and family owned company, so we live and work in the same community where we provide service. That means that our name and reputation is on the line every day. Estero AC Repair offers the following services in the Lee County area:

If you own an outdated air conditioning unit, looking to install a new air conditioner in Estero may be ideal, especially if your energy bill is soaring sky high. With a high-efficiency AC unit, your home will cool off quickly, but in a sustainable way. In fact, give Estero AC Repair a call at 239-471-4392 and we can help you shop around for brands and models that are labeled with EnergyStar, which ensures that they meet current energy efficiency standards.

Finding The Best Air Conditioning Installation Contractor

Determining the cost of your new air conditioning unit installation is determined by a couple of factors:

  1. How big your home is (which means how many square feet and if it’s a 2 story home)
  2. The complexity of your air conditioning system (is there access to your heater, air handler, Indoor evaporator coil, refrigerant lines and your outdoor condensing unit which is comprised of a fan, compressor and coil)
  3. Is there proper insulation throughout the home, do you have tall ceilings or lot’s of windows. This is determined by a mathematical formula known as a heat loss calculator and should be performed by a trained air conditioning service technician to determine the proper size of your new AC unit installation in Estero.

Estero Home Air Conditioning Installation Contractors

The size of your home also plays a role in how much you will end up paying for your air conditioning unit. Obviously, a 800 sq ft home wouldn’t need the same sized air conditioner as a 5,000 sq ft office building. The bigger your home, the bigger your AC unit will need to be. It goes by the ton. Usually, its approximately 400 sq ft per ton. So if your home is 1,600 sq ft, you would need a 4 ton air conditioner. Of course, this isn’t set in stone and can be larger or smaller. Call 239-471-4392 to schedule your FREE ESTIMATE on a New AC installation.

Air Conditioning Installations in Estero – Free Estimates

The model air conditioner that you purchase will also play a part on how much you dish out for your installation. For instance, a window unit wouldn’t cost as much as a high-end central AC unit installation would cost. Plus, not all central air conditioners are created equal. Those that are higher end with more features and functions and weigh more will come with a higher installation price tag.

New Air Conditioner Replacement Done Right!

In order to get the best deal on your air conditioning installation, you will need to shop around for the best rates. After you have found the air conditioner that you would like to purchase, you will be able to get a more detailed and accurate quote from the installation company. Let them know your make, model and size and they will be able to look it up and give you an estimate. You can also use your negotiation skills and see if there are any ways you can lower the price. Ask about any deals that they may have available for first-time customers or for that particular month.

Central Air Conditioning Installation in Estero, FL. Call 239-471-4392

In most cases, the installation of your air conditioning unit can run you anywhere between $2,500 to $7,000 (give or take) for residential properties. It all depends on the area that you live in and the company or independent contractor that you decide to hire. Shop around for the best rates and you’ll find that you can save a bundle